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Basketball Shoes

In 24Segons we take care of the basketball shoes business. There's no perfect basket shoes, so does the perfect pair for you. No problem if you prefere Nike or Adidas, or even you love Stephen Curry and his Under Armour. Do you believe in Classics? No worries, there are a lot of Jordan basketball shoes for you. In 24Segons we have every single basketball shoes you are looking for.

How can you choose your basketball shoes?

While looking for the ideal basketball shoes you must take in account different factors, like your type of game. A scoring pointguard won't play with the same kicks than a physical center. It's important to find the differences and ask anything you need to our experts in our stores or through our Social Media channels. You should also take in account the place where you are going to play. Even every basketball shoes are designed to play indoor, there are some more resistant than others.

Get the youngest in the team ready!

Almost every mother and father think all our shoes catalogue fits to their children. That's not true. For kids, basketball shoes are as important as they are for adults. Although this are created with different materials, the main reasons is kids' basketball shoes have to be even more powerful than the others. Children's foots are constantly changing, so taking care of that is one of the most important things in kids basketball. Check our junior basketball shoes section and feel free to ask anything you need!

What's the best cushioning system?

Like the whole basketball shoes, there's no an ideal cushioning systems. It depends on how it fits to you and your game. For example, a reactive one will be better for those explosive and physical players than a pure shooter. Nike Zoom Air, Nike React, Adidas Lightstrike and UA HOVR are some of the best we already have. Check the info of each basketball shoes to know what's better for you.

We always tell our customers that the ideal basketball shoes are those that you never think about while playing basketball. They have to work like a foot extension to make you feel confident on court.

In any case, come and check our 24Zone to know everything about the newest basketball shoes, and some tricks and practice excercises to achieve your next level.

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