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Kobe Bryant

To resume Kobe Bryant's legacy in just a few lines is almost impossible, but the legend of the Los Angeles Lakers derserve it to be written. Kobe is the most similar player to Michael Jordan that we will ever watch. Such an amazing 'replacement' that adquired his movements and his winning -Mamba- mentality from the 6th NBA Champion with the Chicago Bulls.

Kobe Bryant's Jersey appared for the first time in 1996, when a 18 years old player was the Rookie in the team. More than 20 years later, Bryant has become a legend in the Lakers, winning 5 NBA titles that won't be ever forgotten.

How many of us have told "Mom, I want Kobe's jersey"?

Such an iconic player we fell in love with due to his fight, courage and spectacular moves. No doubt one of the Best Basketball Players in History.

Nike Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes

Kobe Bryant changed the future of basketball shoes. He was the first basketball player to wear a Low model in his Signature. A crucial change that created the way for the rest of basketball shoes. Obsessed with technologies, Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes are always a sold-out thanks to the comfort and lightweight.

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A legendary player in a legendary team. Los Angeles Lakers will be always the House of Kobe Bryant as the Staples Center will be his garden. The Kobe Bryant's jersey is one of the most wanted NBA jerseys. He will always be remembered as an NBA legend.

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