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Paul George

One of the best players in the NBA. His style is known worldwide as there's no other like him. Such and elegant, artistic basketball with the capacity to domain the game as he wants. Basically, Paul George is unstoppable. And, of course, he is one of the most popular players in the league. Must be at 24Segons, for sure!

Paul George is a Los Angeles Clipper players right now, his hometown team. The forward played first for the Indiana Pacers, the team who drafted him, and then for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Such a great career where he has been fighting for the MVP award and being a Playoff usual player. In fact, his talents have awarded him to be on several USA Team rosters.

Dress with Paul George's official clothing

Being one the stars on a contender team is always good news. Here at 24Segons we strongly bet on Paul George as a main figure in our catalogue of basketball clothing. In fact, his NBA Swingman Jersey is one of our best sellers, just because his style is so attractive.

Take a look at this category and enjoy of everything we have about your favourite player. Promise you won't regret!

The Paul George's basketball shoes you have always wanted

24Segons has the best Signatures Shoes available wordlwide. For this time, Paul George has one of the biggest catalogues in our store. With the Paul George 4 and Paul George 5 our customers are highly satisfied! It's obvious that this quaility for that economic price attracts everyone.

Paul Geroge's basketball shoes have always been created with lightweight materials and focused on giving a jump plus. That Air Strobel cushioning system is amazing so get ready to dominate every court you play!

Nike Gatorade 4 Paul George's and so much more

Something special about the Paul George's basketball shoes are their amazing collaborations. One of the most famous is the Gatorade Edition. Such an amazing mix of colors!

For sure, at 24Segons you will have the best collabs of PG's shoes, even the most special colorways. Stay tuned because you will find in this category everything you need at the best price.

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