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Jordan T-Shirts for Men and Kids

In addition of our NBA Store, in 24Segons you will find the best collection of Jordan Brand. Such an amazing catalogue of high-quality product to create your own style while being comfortable during the whole day.

If you are looking for basketball t-shirts, here is every model of Jordan Tees available now. Lots of different designs inspired by Michael Jordan's Legacy and his legendary career playing for the Chicago Bulls. In fact, Jordan Brand only provide the best quality in their product to make you feel comfortable and fresh both on and off the court.

There are a huge variety of product for the youngest too! In our Junior section there are a lot of different options to pay tribute to Michael Jordan. The little basketball players should know who is Michael Jordan!

The Latest on Michael Jordan T-Shirts

After the release of 'The Last Dance' series, his legacy has been known even more than before. That's why Jordan stuff is increasing constantly as the supporters increase too.

Jordan T-Shirt are a must in our wardobres due to its comfort, the high-quality that allows a lot of uses, and their outstanding designs that atract both young and adult fans. If you love basketball, then for sure Jordan Brand is ideal for you!

In our Jordan T-Shirts' section you fill find the latest in the market right now. Such a huge variety of products during the year and only in 24Segons stores. You could also combine them with some Jordan Hoodies and Jordan Pants & Shorts!

Looking for Jordan Jerseys with number 23? Here we have them

Apart of the Jordan Brand Apparel collection, in 24Segons we have the best catalogue of Michael Jordan NBA Authentic Jerseys. The Chicago Bulls' legend deverse all our respect by wearin one of his most iconic NBA jerseys. The #23 Michael Jordan Jersey is a best-seller in our stores. Remember, we are talking about a six time NBA Champion.

But did you know he didn't wear the number 23 a few times? After coming back from his first retirement, MJ decided to use the number 45 in his Chicago Bulls Jersey. It was like a new beginning, but soon he felt it wasn't the same and came back to the 23.

On the other hand, someone stole his Bulls Jersey before a game and he had to wear one with the 12 on its back. Quite curious, right?

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