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The legacy's influence of such a great NBA legend like Michael Jordan exists more than just on the basketball courts. His greatness, his determination and motivation could be used in every stage of our lifes, so that's what you could have with Jordan Brand's collection.

We don't wear MJ's jersey just for admiring him as a basketball player. We wear Michael Jordan' clothing line because of its high quality and what it represents day by day. Here in 24Segons we believe in Jordan DNA and bring your the biggest Jordan Hoodies & Sweatshirts collection at the best price.

What Jordan Hoodies & Sweatshirts do we have

In 24Segons you will find such an amazing catalogue of Jordan hoodies for you all. With or without hood; with pockets; zip hoodies, water resistant... Several options to choose! But always sharing the same DNA: Perfection, MJ's aura and the highest quality.

The culture of Basketball has overcome more than the basketball courts and it became a lifestyle. In our stores we provide the highest-qualified products for both on and off the court. Basketball hoodies are always a good option to play basketball, warmin up and create your own casual look showing your admiration for Michael Jordan.

Jordan Hoodies & Sweatshirts for Men

Lots of you enjoyed Michael Jordan's career playing for the Chicago Bulls. A journey that changed the global perspective of the NBA, showing everybody what he was able to do: Winning individual and collective titles.  Wearing this Jordan Hoodies & Sweatshirts you could show your respect for him and his legacy while enjoying your own style.

Jordan Hoodies & Sweatshirts for kids

For the young basketball players is harder to know who Michael Jordan really is. We should show them his greatness and what he achieved. Several goals made by hard work, insistence and motivation. For every basketball players no matter how old he/she is, the name of Michael Jordan must be known.

Air's legacy it's also on the youngest in the team. That's why in 24Segons we work hard to provide the best collection of Jordan Hoodies & Sweatshirts for kids, where quality is as much as important as the design. For kids, comfort is always a really important thing, like happens with Jordan basketball shoes too!

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